Breakthrough Treatment Improves Outcomes of Sinus Surgery

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Dr. Christopher Perry is among the first in the United States to offer patients with chronic sinusitis an innovative new technology for maintaining the results of sinus surgery.

Chronic sinusitis is a condition in which patients’ sinuses become swollen and inflamed, leading to difficulty breathing, facial pain or headache, and loss of smell and taste. The condition is common, affecting 31 million people in the U.S., and greatly impacts quality of life.

Although sinus surgery is an effective treatment for chronic sinusitis, the majority of patients experience recurrent symptoms within the first year and as many as 25 percent then undergo revision surgery due to recurrent obstruction of the sinus cavity.

The PROPEL® mometasone furoate implant was developed to improve quality of life for patients with chronic sinusitis by maintaining the openings created during sinus surgery. Applying principles of coronary drug-eluting stents to sinusitis sufferers, the spring-like implants gradually deliver an advanced steroid with anti-inflammatory properties directly to the sinus lining, and then dissolve into the body following endoscopic sinus surgery. The result is improved surgical outcomes, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures and for systemic steroids, which can have serious side effects. Patients may breathe easier, smell things they didn’t realize they missed and resume activities they love such as traveling and exercise.


“The PROPEL implant offers new hope for chronic sinusitis sufferers,” said Dr. Perry “The goal of sinus surgery is to enlarge the inflamed or obstructed sinus passageways. Three studies have shown that PROPEL maintains the opening created in surgery, translating into significant benefits for patients with chronic sinusitis. After PROPEL, many of my patients have once again been able to enjoy life without the symptoms of chronic sinusitis.”

PROPEL is clinically proven to maintain sinus patency after surgery by propping open the sinuses in a spring-like fashion and by providing for safe, effective and localized delivery of steroid directly to the sinus lining. The self-expanding implant conforms to the highly variable sinus anatomy, and effectively delivers anti-inflammatory medication where it’s needed most as the implant dissolves. Safety and efficacy of the PROPEL implant has been studied in three rigorous prospective clinical trials conducted in the United States enrolling a total of 205 patients. For more information visit

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